Here we go…

Working Desk...Across a comfortably cluttered desk, I embark on and the journey to be chronicled over the next 16 months and beyond…

A friend suggested that I should start this site as a way to share and also chronicle my thoughts and experiences as Army Chaplain, husband, dad, brother, son and your friend during my upcoming “journey” (a.k.a. deployment) with my unit in the Florida Army National Guard.

Another friend, Paul, stated that I needed to share this experience because, in his words, “Christ calls us to sacrifice and suffer… we need to hear and learn about what that looks like through your story.”

I never considered this…I just thought this deployment was going to be something I had to get done without much interest by others. But Paul triggered an awareness of our need to bear witness and suffer with one another as we follow Christ together.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Here we go…

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