Premobilization Prayer

hardshipShalomAs-salamu alaykum. Grace and Peace.

Please join me in a moment of silent reflection or prayer in your tradition, as I pray in mine.

Father. God.

The ancient proverb states, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We have grown sharper together these past three weeks.

Thank you for our 2 Battalion family. It is a privilege to serve with these Soldiers.

Thank you for our Soldiers and their tirelessness and spirit.

Thank you for our NCOs and their diligent service and professionalism.

Thank you for our officers and their discernment and leadership.

Thank you for watching over our loved ones in our absence.

Provide us safe travel to our armories and our homes.

Continue to prepare us and bless our loved ones as we embark on the mission ahead of us. Bless each Soldier, NCO, and leader.

Bless the work of our hands so that we may advance your goodness.

Help us not only be better Soldiers because of the lessons learned together here, but also better people.

Watch between us while we are absent from one another.

We ask all this in accordance with your mercy, grace, and strength.

*Final formation prayer concluding Operation: Seminole War Paint (Premobilization/Annual Training 2015).

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