2 Days

“I only have two days left with my family…” …two unobligated, non-itinerated days before deploying for the better part of a year. 

A lump begins forming in my throat at this thought. My instinct is to squelch the emotion and tell myself something like, “it’ll be okay” or “it’s not that bad.” Yet, I enter the sorrow that accompanies the thought. I don’t drown in it or let myself be overcome or controlled by the emotion. But I enter it. I experience it fully because it drives me to make the most of these remaining hours and moments with Katherine and Gabe.

By experiencing the great sorrows of life, we enable ourselves to fully and deeply experience the great joys of life too. This is one of life’s secrets.

So I will make the most of the two days we have left and I will look forward to the great joy of our family’s reunion to come.

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