“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” GEN Colin Powell

bestieThere is a self-handwritten sign over my desk which states: “You have the best job in the world. Why aren’t you smiling?”

It’s there because I believe this about my job in the Army (and my church).  It’s there in case I ever need reminding.  Most of my daily reminders come from seeing the faces of the Soldiers I serve.  Of all the jobs I’ve had in the Army, I love this one the most.  I realized one day that the best way I would ever serve God and the Army would be as a Chaplain (Colossians 3:23).  It took me 15 years to come to this insight.  What about you?

Do YOU know that YOU have the BEST job?

You have the BEST job you’re going to have for this deployment.  Make the best of it.  You get the privilege that few people out of the billions in our world ever get – you get to lead…  

…you get to lead as part of an Infantry Battalion…

…an Infantry Battalion in the U.S. Army.

You have the BEST calling you are going to have during the next year.

Make the best of it.

(Word of the Day at CUB 23AUG)  #WOTDseries #Drop10

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