Take one or suffer one.

Combat and Operational Stress Control research shows a commensurate decrease in emotional intelligence, critical thinking, resiliency, and even fine motor skills the longer we go without adequate rest.

Regardless of whether he was a teacher, prophet, holy man or mad man, Jesus was a regionally popular leader in his day. His time was in high demand by hundreds if not thousands of people who were looking for information, wanted him to do something for them or a friend or family member, or wanted his attention.  However, he still made time to break away…which contributed to what may arguably be considered an effective leadership lifestyle.

Some organizational and human resource experts refer to this as “creating margin” between work, rest, and recreation.

Recharge.  Renew.  Whether early in the morning, while it is still dark (Mark 1:35), or late at night after the noise has subsided (Luke 6:12).  Create margin.  Break.

You are each a vital leader to this battalion.  Intentional breaks will ensure this.

(Word of the Day during CUB on 16AUG) #WOTDseries #Drop9

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