We’re ready.  I sense it in every conversation with each of our Soldiers.  The atmosphere is thick with anticipation.

It feels like pregame of a contest we know we’re fully prepared to win.  There is a razor’s edge to their sharpness.  The farewell’s to our families, friends, and loved ones have only served to fuel our drive to get overseas and begin mission.

I never cease to be inspired by the quality of Soldiers I have served with in times such as this.  The challenge brings out our best.  These Soldiers are confident in their craft.  They are expert warriors…there’s no other way to say it.  Yet they temper their fury until the moment for which it is called.

These are the sons and daughters of a good nation.  If you ever doubt America’s grit, tenacity, integrity, and resilience, spend an hour talking and training with these Millennials and GenXers.  Doubt will be removed.  These Soldiers are the leaders of their generations.  They are high-order thinkers and tireless workers.  If they complain, it is only to each other.  It is their earned privilege which actually serves as fuel for their continued diligence and critical awareness of their missions’ objectives.

Our leaders are ready.  They have scrutinized and vetted multiple strategies, options, and actions for the mission ahead.  They carry a paternal love and burden for each of those in their formations… even the rowdiest ones.  They hunger to be called on to lead the hardest missions, but are faithful and humble to give the same drive and effort to even the smallest of assigned objectives.

We are ready because we are confident.  This confidence is not false motivation that dries up in the face of real adversity.  Rather it is true confidence that seeks to be proven through adversity.

Readiness is not best measured by a checklist of trained tasks. It is best measured by the character, commitment, competence, and grit found in both the individual Soldier and their team here in the Seminole Battalion.

We’re ready. Never surrender.

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